Sunday, August 30, 2015
max 1 heavy duty sonar sensor system
VRS MAX 1 - 4 Sensor Heavy Duty Talking Reversing Aid
SP70 - VRS MAX 1 Reversing Aid System with 4 Stainless Steel sensors for use with heavy duty vehicles. Wireless to the Speaker. Can be used for Fire Trucks, Ambulances, Buses, Box Trucks, & Straight Trucks. (12ft Detection Range)

The MAX1 is a heavy duty vehicle reversing system specifically designed for commercial vehicles. It is equipped with stainless steel sensors and a heavy duty weatherproof control box which can withstand harsh weather conditions without any problems. The system “WARNS” the driver or operator with a “beeping” sound indicating potential obstacles are at the rear of the vehicle and then a clear voice “TELLS” the operator the countdown of the remaining distance in feet as the vehicle reverses. The device is activated when the driver puts the vehicle into reverse. Acoustic sensors installed at the rear of the vehicle will transmit a modulated beam signal that is capable of seeing through frog, rain, smoke and snow in any kind of weather, day or night. When the signal strikes a solid object, it bounces back to the sensor and instantaneously sends a detecting signal to the microprocessor. This microprocessor with our exclusive “intelligent control software” is programmed to do all the control, calculations and data processing. The results are then transmitted using a radio frequency (or by direct wire) to a speaker unit installed in the cab or car compartment. When this distance data signal is received from the controller, the speaker will begin emitting a beeping sound related to the detected distance as well as a “voice” indicating the countdown of distance in feet to the obstacle and alerting the driver or operator of potential conditions requiring immediate precautionary action. Driver error is the predominant cause of accidents. One way of reducing backing accidents is to minimize driver error related to the lack of visibility and depth perception due to distance. New Technologies like the Vehicle Reversing Aid are now available and affordable to help the driver operate the vehicle more safely and efficiently, potentially reducing the number of fatalities, injuries and economic costs associated with backing accidents

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