Dash Cam - Single Camera Drive Recorder

In-car camera systems offer protection for commercial drivers in a variety of industries. Having a dash cam on the dashboard has proven to be invaluable for emergency responders and law enforcement, as these cameras capture critical incident details as they occur outside the vehicle.
Similarly, professionals who drive limousines, commercial trucks, taxi cabs and buses all benefit from in-car cameras, which offer the peace of mind and reassurance of having an extra set of eyes in the vehicle to record emergencies and unexpected events. Business owners also appreciate these devices for their proven ability to lower insurance rates and offer improved driver behavior monitoring.
However, when shopping for the best drive recording system, business owners need to know that the device they have selected offers easy installation, high-quality video and protections against tampering. This system offers these assurances and more, as our single-camera DashCam -1 and dual-camera DashCam – 2 devices have satisfied customers in a variety of industries for their ease of use and leading video quality.
Record incidents that occur in front of the vehicle
DashCam – 1 is a single-camera device that points directly out the windshield and captures the drivers view capturing any out-of-car incidents, making them ideal for law enforcement or ambulance drivers.  We offer convenient storage via an SDHC memory card,  4 GB is standard, upgradeable to 32GB. In addition, the DashCam -1 can be Tamper Resistant with Tamper Evident Security Dots. A mounting bracket keeps the camera in place, and multiple recording angles are available to ensure maximum viewing reach.
Bookmark events as emergencies for later viewing with a discrete panic button
In the event of an emergency, motorists don't have time to waste. That is why the DashCam – 1 reacts to certain vehicle motions and tags recorded incidents at the first sign of an unusual action, including sudden speeding, impact and stopping or starting. Without any driver interaction, the DashCam – 1 will record and save unexpected incidents and make it available for later viewing. A discrete alert button can also be adhered to a convenient location out of the sight of passengers to provide drivers with another way to bookmark emergency events. These incidents will be marked as "Emergency" in the viewing file, making it easier for administrators and fleet operators to quickly locate and analyze certain events.
Dash Cam solutions are designed to increase driver safety, improve motorist behavior and limit financial and situational risks. Capturing in-car incidents offers fleet owners the footage needed to adjust driver training sessions, support insurance claims and make important personnel decisions. Installing an in-car camera system can also yield insurance benefits, saving businesses on their premiums.
General Specifications   Physical Specifications  
Camera   Dimensions  
Image Sensor 1M pixel CMOS / LUX 0.9 Unit 40mmX100mmX42mm
Lens 120°

Video Compression
Power Specifications

Audio Compression

Recording Resolution
HD720P / VGA Input 12-24 Volts DC
Event Alarm
  Operating Voltage
2.0 W
Red LED Event Alarm

Environmental Specifications

Recording Media
SDHC Card [4GB - 32GB}

Windows [XP/Vista/7] Operating Temperature
-23°F to -122°F
50 channels, L1 Frequency Built-in
Mic -44db Condenser Mic    
TV Out AV Cable Real Time Viewer     
Date Back Up JDF, AVI, JPEG, BMP
G - Sensor X, Y, Z Sensing    

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