Constantly records high def footage of events occurring outside and inside the vehicle.

In-car camera recording systems offer protection for commercial drivers in a variety of industries.

Having a dash cam on the dashboard has proven to be invaluable for emergency responders and law enforcement, as these cameras capture critical incident details as they occur outside or inside the vehicle. Similarly, professionals who drive limousines, commercial trucks, taxi cabs and buses all benefit from in-car cameras, which offer the peace of mind and reassurance of having an extra set of eyes in the vehicle to record emergencies and unexpected events. Business owners also appreciate these devices for their proven ability to lower insurance rates and offer improved driver behavior monitoring.

However, when shopping for the best drive recording system, decision makers need to know that the device they have selected offers easy installation, high-quality video and protection against tampering. Our systems offer these assurances and more.

Dash Cam solutions are designed to increase driver safety, improve motorist behavior and limit financial and situational risks. Capturing in-car incidents offers fleet owners the footage needed to adjust driver training sessions, support insurance claims and make important personnel decisions. Installing an in-car camera system may yield insurance benefits, saving businesses on their premiums.

Dash Cameras Encourage drivers to be Safer!

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