Live View Cloud Drive Recorder


The Live View drive recorder provides constant recording, high definition footage of events occurring outside as well as inside the vehicle; audio recordings inside the vehicle; and GPS tracking. Recordings are stored on a SD card, which is physically and remotely secured.

As the device is equipped with integrated Wi-Fi capabilities, it can enable data uploads and video streaming to smart phones or client servers providing convenient access to view footage. Through the viewer software, users are able to investigate and delve into details of an accident or incident and can backup recordings.

Dash Cameras have demonstrated for years how its presence not only lowers insurance claims, but increases driver safety and provides management with a complete set of tools to more efficiently manage their fleet.


 Category  Descriptions  Remarks
 CPU  Cortex-A8 (800MHz) Processor  Linux ARM
 Camera  1st-Front  1.3 MEGA Pixels HD CMOS Sensor  1280 x 720p (HD)
 2nd-In-Cabin  1.3 MEGA Pixels HD CMOS Sensor
 1280 x 720p (HD)
 3rd-Rear Camera  NTSC Analog D1 Composite  (D1 720 x 480P) - Optional
 Camera Angle  114.39(H), 61.98(V), 134.4(D)  
 DDRII RAM  256 MB  Samsung
 Nand Flash Memory  128 MB  Samsung
 G-Force Sensor  3-Axial Acceleration Sensor  up to ±8G
 Speaker / MIC  Mono Speaker / Internal MIC  
 Super Capacitor  DC 5V / over 5F  -40ºC to +85ºC Industrial Level
 GPS Module Ant.  GNSS / External GPS ANtenna Support  
 Removable Storage  Micro SDHC(MLC) x 2 slots  64GB Support - Total 128GB use
 Video Output  NTSC/PAL  Ear phone jack to RCA
 External Interface  GPS Signal  2.50 4 PIN ear phone jack  
 USB  USB Type-A  USB 2.0 support
 Rear Camera  2.50 4 PIN ear phone jack  Vehicle back gear support
 Micro USB  Micro-USB Type-B  USB 2.0 support
 DC Input  3.50 DC input jack  
 AV-Out  2.50 4 PIN ear phone jack  Y type cable use for foot s/w
 Video Encode  Format  mp4 / H.264  
 Mode  2 Channel use  3 Channel use
 Front  4Mbps / @30fps  4Mbps / @30fps
 In-Cabin  2Mbps / @30fps  2Mbps / Max@15fps
 Rear  -  512kps / Max@15fps
 Audio Encode
 Monaural, 22.05Khz, 16bits

 All_Time Recording  One file / min(60s±1s)
 Button_Event Recording  Before 15 sec.±0.25s after 15 sec.±0.25s (total 30 sec.)
 Panic_Event Recording
 G-Sensor_Event Recording
 Devices in DR  Battery for RTC Backup  3V/over 500mAh primary battery -40ºC Military spec.
 Push Button for manual Event Recording  
 Over (4) IR_LEDs within in -cabin camera  IR-LEDs turn ON and OFF automatically depending on surrounding illuminance
 Operating Power Voltage  DC 8V ~ 32V  DC 12V / DC 24V Support
 Operating Temperature  -20ºC to 85ºC  
 Storage Temperature  -30ºC to 95ºC  
 Dimensions (mm)  109(W) x 82(H) x 19(D)  Main body except projection of camera
 121.9(W) x 104.2(H) x 46.1(D)  Main body including GPS cradle and cover case except projection of camera
 Weight  Main Device: 138g / GPS Cradle: 42g  Assembled all parts 180g
 Warranty Period  1 year after purchase  
 Market Defect Rate
 Under 0.25%  
 UL Standard
 RoHs, CE, FCC  
 Product Origin  South Korea  

 1.3 MEGA Pixels HD CMOS Sensor

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