MAX 1 Commercial Reversing Aid - 2 Sensor System


The MAX 1 is a heavy duty vehicle reversing system specifically designed for commercial vehicles.

It is equipped with stainless steel sensors and a heavy duty weatherproof control box which can withstand harsh weather conditions. The system "WARNS" the driver or operator with a beeping sound indicating potential obstacles are at the rear of the vehicle and then a clear voice "TELLS" the operator the countdown of the remaining distance in feet and inches as the vehicle reverses. The device is activated when the driver puts the vehicle into reverse. Acoustic sensors installed at the rear of the vehicle will transmit a modulated beam signal that is capable of seeing day or night. When the signal strikes a solid object, it bounces back to the sensor and instantaneously (at the speed of sound) sends a detecting signal to the microprocessor.

The system will start detecting larger objects like another vehicle or a fence at 12 feet. The most effective detecting area is 5 feet. The system will count down 12ft, 9ft, 8ft, 5ft, 3ft, 2ft, 18 inches and 12 inches. This system is accurate to within +/- 2 inches.

This Reversing Aid Solution is ideal for most commercial vehicles, delivery trucks, box trucks, buses, ambulances, fire trucks, and most construction equipment.

Ideally, all installations should have four (4) sensors, however, the configuration of some vehicles does not allow for the installation of four (4) sensors. In particular, box trucks with a lift gate are especially difficult. In a lot of cases we can only install sensors on the side support bars of the lift gate. This kit only comes with two (2) sensors and two (2) weatherproof caps to cover the open ports on the processor.  There is a significant amount of diminished coverage area with the placement of only two (2) sensors, primarily in the center section of the vehicle. This configuration will give the operator an indication of distance to the dock, and will pick up objects in the area covered but the operator should remain vigilant while backing due to the significant blind area in the center.


•Swivel Brackets for sensor mounting
Voice Distance Indication Long Range Detection of 12 feet
Blind Area Alerting Close Range Detection of 12 inches
Sonar Sensor Technology Two Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Sensors
Amplified Speaker Designed for Extreme Weather Conditions
General Specifications   Physical Specifications  
Sensors   Dimensions  
2  Acoustic, Heavy Duty, Stainless Steel, Weatherproof
  Processor  4.25 in x 2.83 in x 1.23 in
    Sensor  0.82 in Diameter x 0.51 in
Dimension 8mm diameter X 5mm Speaker  2.00 in Diameter x 0.75 in
Frequency  Transmits at 32.0 kHz Volume Controller  1.70 in x 0.51 in x 0.40 in

Detecting Angles   Cable Length  
Horizontal Approximately 30 Degrees Sensor Cables
10 ft
Vertical Approximately 50 Degrees Power Wires
6 ft
Detection Range 12 in - 12 ft Speaker Cable
5 ft

  Volume Controller
15 ft

Type 40mm Diameter Magnetic

Sound Output 80 db at 10 cm    
Power Specifications   Environmental Specifications  
Input 11 - 15 Volts DC Operating Temperature 140°F to -22°F
Operating Voltage 3.0 W    

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