Mobileye 630 Advanced Driver Assistance System


Your Fleet’s Safety Is Our Primary Concern

Running a Fleet comes with much responsibility, not only for your merchandise and equipment but also for your personnel. Having a large number of drivers constantly on the road bares many risks.  Mobileye will minimize risk factor and improve your fleet’s driving habits, reducing wear and tear and increasing fuel efficiency.  

Mobileye is the world's technological leader in advanced collision avoidance systems for enhanced fleet safety. Mobileye’s unique vision-based  platform powered by its proprietary chipset and algorithms, works as a “third eye” to mitigate and reduce the risk of collision.

Mobileye can be installed as a standalone device or in combination with your telematics solution to provide you with a very powerful tool to help address critical challenges involved in managing a successful fleet.

Already adopted by fleets worldwide, Mobileye improves driving safety, and helps protect your bottom line by:

  • • Prevents or mitigates collisions
  • • Improves driving habits
  • • Provides excellent ROI
  • • Reduces Total Cost of Ownership
  • • Reduces wear and tear
  • • Increases fuel efficiency
  • • prevents injuries and Saves lives


Mobileye captures situations such as tailgating, lane deviation, and imminent forward collisions. It then generates data which can be exported to a 3rd party, enabling enhanced visibility on your fleet and drivers’ behavior.

  • • Connectivity to Fleet Management solutions
  • • Integration with Telematics systems, black-box recorders, driver training systems and more.

Once received, the information is utilized for enhancing any driving related risk management program, and can be utilized for driver evaluation & training.

  • • Bluetooth capabilities-monitoring driving activity and issuing critical real time alerts via a Smartphone device
  • • Drastically reduces overall chance of a traffic collision and related costs
  • • Improves driving habits, including use of turn signals and braking patterns
  • • Provides a tool for driver evaluation and training
  • • Helps drivers develop a keen sense of the vehicle's position within the lane and in relation to other vehicles
  • • Operates day and night under almost all weather conditions

  • • A windshield-mounted vision sensor unit with a compact High Dynamic Range CMOS (HDRC) camera and Mobileye’s SeeQ2® image       processing board
  • • High-quality audio alert buzzer
  • • User-friendly, high visibility Eye Watch Display and control unit, for visual directional warnings and numerical headway measurement display, with customizing options

Fleet Management System (FMS) Integration

Will allow Intelligent Event Data Recording (EDR)

Mobileye Smartphone Application

We are happy to introduce our new Mobileye Smartphone Application. The Mobileye Smartphone Application allows you to receive critical real-time warnings straight to your personal Smartphone, via Bluetooth connectivity. The Mobileye Smartphone Application will enable you to stay tuned and enjoy our latest upgrades and enhancements for driver assistance by simply downloading innovative Mobileye  Smartphone applications from our website. Our world of driver assistance meets your personal cellular device, making road safety more accessible than ever, and ensuring that you, your family and all road users benefit from a safer environment.

The Mobileye Smartphone Application operates only on  Mobileye 5-Series products.


Mobileye FCW– Mobileye FCW alerts you before a possible collision with the vehicle ahead. A red car icon is displayed. Far VehicleA green car icon is displayed to indicate that the vehicle ahead is in safe distance from your vehicle. Mobileye PCW-Mobileye PCW alerts you to a possible collision with a pedestrian or bicyclist ahead of you.A red pedestrian icon is displayed.
Pedestrian in Danger Zone– A flashing pedestrian icon is shown on the display to indicate that a pedestrian just entered your danger zone, and a future collision is possible. Mobileye LDWMobileye LDW alerts you when you unintentionally begin to departfrom your lane. The right or left lane icons are displayed accordingly. Mobileye LDW On/Off indicationas Mobileye LDW is active at speeds greater than 55kmh (34mph) , the faded lane markings will appear when driving above 55kmh (34mph), to indicate that the Mobileye LDW feature is active.
Mobileye HMW–Mobileye HMW displays your headway in relation to the vehicle in front of you. Ifyou get closer than a set distance (calculated in seconds), it alerts you to the danger. A car icon is displayed along with the set distance, colored red or green according to the level of danger. Mobileye SLIMobileye SLI detects and classifies various speed signs and notifies the driver if the vehicle’s speed exceeds the allowed speed detected on the sign. The sign will blink, to notify the driver that he is driving above the allowed speed. Mobileye TSR –Mobileye TSR detects and classifies various traffic signs and notifies the driver ofsuchsigns.
Mobileye TSR and SLI Fading– Recently detected signs are displayed with light colors, and after a while begin to fade, until disappearing completely from the display. The color of the signs- bright or faded- indicates their relevance. Mobileye IHCMobileye IHC controls the vehicle’s driving lights byautomatically switching them from low beam to high beam on dark roads without nearby traffic. A blue high- beam icon is displayed to indicate that the high beams are active.



Please note: Although the Mobileye IHC icon will appear on the application, it requires additional hardware during installation. Please consult your distributor/installer if your system is equipped with this feature. Low visibility notification  The low visibility icon is displayed at the notifications and settings bar in a shape of an eye. The eye icon has 2 modes: Green mode indicates proper visibility. Orange mode  indicates improper visibility.

Pairing your Smartphone with Mobileye 560/550 The pairing process

  • Go to your Smartphone device Bluetooth settings screen and search for “new device”.
  • Turn on your vehicle ignition key to power up the Mobileye 560/550 system. In a few seconds, your Smartphone device should find a device called “Mobileye 5 BTM” .
  • Use your device settings to pair with the Mobileye 560/550 system. When asked for the pass key, enter “1234”. Your Smartphone should now be paired to the Mobileye 560/550 system.

If you fail to pair your device during the first two minutes, you should power cycle the system by turning off and on your vehicle ignition key. After your Smartphone has been paired to the Mobileye 560/550 system, you can proceed to download and install the Mobileye Smartphone application.

NOTE: Pairing new Smartphone to the Mobileye 560/550 system is possible only during the first two minutes after the system has been powered up.

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