VRS Micro 6 Light Duty Reversing Aid


The Micro 6 Light Duty Vehicle Reversing Aid from PORON is an automatic back up alert system that warns drivers of potential obstacles while backing up their vehicle. Using ultrasonic echo location sonar technology the system is activated when the driver engages reverse gear. A 4 zone variable audio pulse alerts the driver of potential obstacles. The audio pulse intensity increases and the audio frequency changes as the vehicle backs closer to the obstacle. Additionally and exclusively, the Micro 6 includes a VDI (Voice Distance Indicator) module and uses an audible voice to inform the driver how close the rear of the vehicle is from the obstacle calling out the distance in feet starting at 12ft then 9ft,6ft, 5 ft, 4ft, 3ft, 2 ft, 18 inches, 12 inches, and if you get less than 12 inches it sounds "CRASH". As with all sensing systems there are blind areas in the sensing patterns due to the cone or triangular nature in the way the sonar pulse is emitted. Whenever an object moves from a covered area and into one of these blind areas a special warning alert message and a very loud tone "OBJECT IN BLIND AREA" will be transmitted twice or until the operator takes the vehicle out of reverse. This feature is specifically intended to alert the driver when an object (such as a pedestrian, small child, moving bicycle or vehicle) is moving within and in and out of the covered zone areas. When this alert is sounded the driver should immediately put the vehicle in park (thus resetting the system) and get out and visually check behind the area behind the vehicle.

  Voice Distance Indication   Long Range Detection of 12 feet
  Blind Area Alerting   Close Range Detection of 12 inches
  Sonar Sensor Technology   Four (4) Factory Style Flush Mounted Sensors
  Volume Controlled Speaker  

General Specifications   Physical Specifications  
Sensors   Dimensions  
4  Acoustic, Flush Mount, Weatherproof
  Processor  4.25 in x 2.83 in x 1.23 in
    Sensor  0.82 in Diameter x 0.51 in
Dimension 8mm diameter X 5mm Speaker  2.00 in Diameter x 0.75 in
Frequency  Transmits at 32.0 kHz Volume Controller  1.70 in x 0.51 in x 0.40 in

Detecting Angles   Cable Length  
Horizontal Approximately 30 Degrees Sensor Cables
9 ft 6 in
Vertical Approximately 50 Degrees Power Wires
6 ft
Detection Range 12 Inches to 12 Feet Speaker Cable
5 ft

  Volume Controller
15 ft

Type 40mm Diameter Magnetic

Sound Output 80 db at 10 cm    
Power Specifications   Environmental Specifications  
Input 11-15 Volts DC Operating Temperature 122°F to -4°F
Operating Voltage 3.0 W    

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