VRS Fleet Products Was The First To Bring The PORON Talking Reversing Aid To The EMS, And Fire Industry.

The operation of emergency vehicles is one of the most dangerous aspects of a first responder’s daily activities. Drivers of EMS, fire, and police fleet vehicles have responsibilities unlike any other industry.

We have worked with ambulance manufacturers and up-fitters supplying and customizing obstacle detection collision avoidance solutions for emergency medical services, fire departments & medical transport fleets for over 10 years. First we supplied ambulance manufacturers and up-fitters with our mico reversing sensor systems, but it was apparent that a heavy duty obstacle detection solution with voice distance indications (VDI) was needed. In 2010 we got our "Heavy Duty Solution" with the MAX 1 Commercial Reversing Aid with integration options for single and dual cameras, and headset integration with Sigtronics so the MAX 1 can deliver the VDI though the headsets of the engine.

When it comes to fleet safety technologies, whether it be front or rear collision avoidance, dash camera or dvr surveillance or gps tracking and management, VRS Fleet Products is here to help.

EMS Fleet Safety Technologies Installation Gallery

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    Fire Engine Fleet Safety Technologies Installation Gallery

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    Ambulance Fleet Safety Technologies Installation Portfolio

    VRS Fleet Products has the
    Driving Aid GPS Tracking Parking Sensor Backup Camera Dash Camera Drive Recorder Live Video
     Solution to help you create a Safer fleet.