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"Approximately 27% of all reported accidents happen while someone is backing up their vehicle.  Hitting a pole at just 5 MPH, can easily result in $500.00 to $1500.00 in damages to your vehicle.  Minimum repair on a four wheel drive vehicle is about $700.00 to $2500.00"

Source: Insurance Institute for Highway Safety


Vehicle reversing and parking aids are becoming more popular as many vehicle manufacturers are offering systems that beep and some even give LED indications of obstacles to the front and rear of the vehicle. Over the past 10 years we have seen the need to prevent slow speed parking and reversing accidents. Many of these accidents are not just an inconvenience, most will cost the vehicle owner over a $1000 others will end in tragedy. When a reversing aid is used, this risk is greatly reduced. Check out our ultrasonic sensor models equipped with the VDI (Voice Distance Indicator) technology. We have models for small cars to large cars, for commercial trucks and buses to fork lifts to heavy equipment. Talk to one of our Reversing Accident Prevention Specialists today!


Camera systems have been used on motor homes and garbage trucks for some time now to help prevent tragic accidents while backing. Today's camera systems have come a long way in the last 10 years with a larger angle of view, better digital clarity, night vision, triggers for reversing or left & right indicators, interior for keeping track of cargo or passengers. We now have monitors in the 5, 6, 7 inch, and even special order 9 inch sizes that come with various mounting options that allow for windshield or dash mounting or even on the left or right sides. We even have rear view mirrors with a 4.3 inch monitor built right in that only come on when the vehicle is in reverse. There are many ways now with cameras to make driving and reversing much safer. A camera system with a talking reversing sensor system can give the best protection possible.


Our MRM GPS tracking systems are uniquely affordable but provide excellent coverage, tracking and reporting. One of the few systems on the market today with IFTA mileage tracking making the monthly reporting requirements for interstate traveling easier than ever. With various data communication transmission rates spanning 1 minute intervals to once a day to meet just about any requirement. We have systems with from 3 to 8 inputs that will allow remote users, (dispatcher, managers, supervisors or even computer programs) to engage on board systems like door locks, refrigeration, ignition etc. as well as out 3 to 5 outputs that provide information such as engaged PTO, refrigeration temperature sensors for trailers, employee login, etc that can feed dispatching or management systems. Some models can be used in conjunction with the Garmin Dezl to provide two way communication with dispatch as well as routing and mapping functions for the driver. With the Truck ECU Interface (J1708, J1939), communication with the ECU to get engine temps, RPM, Voltage, odometer etc, directly back to management systems and reports is simple. 
We Have Vehicle Obstacle Detection And Camera Solutions For Any Type Of Fleet.
Including Heavy Equipment And Construction

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